Exploring temporary use of empty spaces in the Central Eastside Industrial District

18 02 2009

In the spring of 2009 No Vacancy!, a team of PSU Urban & Regional Planning graduate students, worked with the Central Eastside Industrial Council to investigate the potential to enliven the Central Eastside Industrial District by activating vacant spaces with temporary activities & developments.

Through a precedent study, interviews, conversations, focus groups, and regulatory and land use analysis, LocusLab sought to understand…

  • why temporary use is important,
  • how temporary projects can benefit the spaces and neighborhoods they occupy,
  • how they come into being, and
  • what barriers prevent the occurrence of temporary uses and how they can be overcome.

View our Final Report

Want to create your own temporary use project in the Central Eastside Industrial District?

Use our No Vacancy! A Guide to Creating Temporary Projects in the CEID