Brooklyn Bridge Park−New York, New York

Brooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park, a proposed residential, commercial, and open space development along the Brooklyn Heights waterfront in New York, has been activating the site with a series of high-profile interim site uses.  In the summer of 2007, a “Floating Pool” drew 72,000 swimmers.  It was operated by the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy in partnership with the pool’s creator, the Neptune Foundation, and sponsored by The State of New York, through the Empire State Development Corporation, and the City of New York.  In the summer of 2008, developers installed a temporary park area on a pier from which viewers were able to see “New York City Waterfalls”, an art project installed in several places around the city.  The 26,000-square-foot park included benches, picnic tables, a large sand pit, grass and trees.  In addition, food was available from a nearby restaurant, and there were items embedded in the asphalt for scavenger hunts.  The mini-park cost about $100,000 to build, and operated for two and a half months. For this coming winter, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, in partnership with the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation, is working to open a seasonal ice skating rink under the Brooklyn Bridge.


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