CR Land Guanganmen Green Technology Showroom−Beijing, China

CR Land Guanganmen Green Technology Showroom
CR Land Guanganmen
Green Technology Showroom
Vector Architects

The project is a temporary green technology showroom for a residential project in Beijing. The installation was in place for 3 years. The design was intended to resemble a floating installation in the garden. The structure incorporated a vertical grass wall and roof to improve thermal efficiency and reduce stormwater runoff, and to visually harmonize the temporary structure with the existing garden. The structure was designed so that it could be built, demolished, and recycled in an easy and straightforward way with minimal impact to the site. The structure is steel, 500 square meters, with a green roof of grass panels with an integrated irrigation system. The building is elevated, greatly reducing the excavation and foundation work, and allowing easy demolition and site recovery after use.


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