Food Carts−Portland, OR

Portland Food Carts
Portland Food Carts

“Food carts” are small food service businesses operating out of mobile and/or portable structures. The structures are often converted trailers. In Portland, there are food cart nodes throughout downtown and in several other neighborhoods. For example, there are clusters at SW 9th & Washington, SW 4th & Hall, SE 12th & Hawthorne, and many other locations. Some are simple, while others have provided outdoor seating areas for their customers, or even covered seating areas. They are highly popular lunch destinations, and provide a variety of ethnic cuisines at very reasonable prices. They are initiated by the entrepreneurs who operate the carts, and are not managed or organized by any overarching organization.

In 2008, graduate students in Portland State University urban and regional planning program completed a study of Portland’s food carts. The food cart report can be found online here:

For a listing of Portland food carts and their locations, see:


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