The Office of Mobile Design—Various Locations, California

The Office of Mobile Design, a private company that designs innovative mobile structures for a variety of purposes created a mobile “ECO LAB”: a working mobile classroom showcasing a range of exhibitions focused on ecology. The ECO LAB was built from a donated cargo truck trailer and cast-off items from film sets. The structure travels from school to school in Los Angeles County, setting up in schoolyards. The ECO LAB was built as a collaboration between the Office of Mobile Design and a grassroots community group called the Hollywood Beautification Team.

Another educational project by the Office of Mobile Design is the Portable Construction Training Center (PCTC), a hands-on classroom where trainees can learn and apply construction skills. The PCTC includes space for developing plumbing, painting and plaster, carpentry, and electrical skills. The 14’ x 65’structure includes a gathering space, a side that folds open creating a porch-like area, independent work stations, and a wood shop. The PCTC was created for the Venice Community Housing Corporation, a non-profit organization that develops and maintains affordable housing for disadvantaged and low-income individuals.


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