Time-Based Art Festival−Portland OR

TBA Festival
Time-Based Art Festival

The Time-Based Art (TBA) Festival is a city-wide, multi-media arts festival presented annually by the Portland Institute for Contemporary Arts. Over eleven days, the TBA Festival includes dance, theater, visual art, film, and video events in locations across Portland, Oregon.

TBA Events take place in both permanent galleries and theaters, and in ad-hoc and temporary spaces. Uses of temporary spaces have included performances in busy urban public spaces and park, use of vacant buildings and buildings between uses, and one-time and short-term use of working restaurants, bars, studios and businesses.

Each year, with help from artists and architects, festival organizers transform an unused building into a space for performance and entertainment, with a stage, installations, food and drinks. While the space is designed to last only for the duration of the event, each space is constructed to accommodate large audiences, elaborate performances and is built to be safe and accessible.


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