Why the CEID?

The District

The Central Eastside Industrial District is located between the Willamette River and SE 12th and from I-84 to SE Powell Blvd in the City of Portland. It is a a 681-acre industrial sanctuary, supporting 1,122 businesses and 17,000 employees. Its eclectic mix of employment and business types, as well as affordability, makes it a desirable place in which to locate a start-up business.Clusters of green businesses, distilleries, creative design services, and building material manufacturing have begun to crop up in the CEID adding to its industrious yet quirky nature. With its close proximity to the Central Business District, the CEID is both distinguishable from and complementary to downtown businesses.

We believe that highlighting potential for temporary use in the CEID can help define a role for it as the city’s “test kitchen” – a place where innovative ideas can be tried out, and new businesses can be incubated, while core industrial uses continue to thrive.

Temporary uses may also represent a way to bring additional liveliness and attention to the District without sacrificing its core industrial identity.   The District also provides unique opportunities to explore the idea of temporary use, such as the Burnside Bridgehead and underutilized warehouse space.

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